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Spill happens. Be ready when it does with a Spill Kit! Shop large or small, we have kits to cover it all. Whether you need a universal kit for chemicals or acids, or an oil only kit for petroleum based liquids, your choice of kits and contents can be found here. Looking for 5 gallon buckets or 95 gallon wheeled carts? AIRE Industrial has your spill prevention and control products ready to ship now. Want to learn more about spill kits? Visit our learn more about spill kits page. Or if you need more information, call us at 800-247-3846.
Bucket Spill Kit
Spill clean up items you need, all in a handy 5 Gal. bucket.
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Overpack Spill Kits
Top Quality Overpack Spill Kits range from 20 gallons to 95 gallons and can be used for spill control of many types of fluids such as oils, greases, or solvents.
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Mini Spill Kits
Small, handy spill kits for quick cleanup.
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11 Gal Duffel Spill Kit
The 11 Gal spill kit comes with a highly visible orange duffle bag.
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Spill Caddie Wheeled Cart
Spill Caddies on wheels are easy to move around and the front doors swing out for easy access.
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Splash Proof Spill Kits
The Splash Proof bag tough, bright, and helps protect the clean-up contents inside.
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40 gal. High-Vis Spill Kit
The 40 gallon High-Vis Spill Kit is packed with spill supplies and is easy to wheel around.
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