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Water is Life, Store It Safely With NSF-61 Certified Fabrics. The Only Fabrics We Use To Make Our Potable Drinking Water Bladder Tanks.

All Flexible Pillow Tanks and Bladder Tanks come with a free ground pad! Our Pillow Tanks exceed containment requirements for fuel, waste and potable water. We offer a wide range of in-stock shapes, sizes, and designs. But if you don't see what you need, custom made bladders, holding tanks and blivets are easy for us to build. These Tanks are built with trusted materials like XR-5, XR-3 and arctic grade urethane and are constructed with thermo welded seams to prevent leaking. Whether you are in need of flexible fuel storage or a potable water storage solution, AIRE Industrial has the experience to provide you with the correct Pillow Tank or Bladder Tank solution. Need more information? Call us at 800-247-3846. Scroll down to view and purchase a flexible pillow bladder.

"We had an unusual custom design need and approached Aire Industrial at the suggestion of another company who felt Aire were the right fit. We are grateful to this third party for their recommendation, as Aire Ind and Tim Lewis have been outstanding to work with from the beginning. They understood our unusual application immediately and came up with various good ideas for materials and design, and got it done at considerably lower cost than we had anticipated....." Mark Shapley

Potable Water Pillow Bladders NSF/ANSI 61 Approved
Potable Water Pillow Bladders built by AIRE Industrial are perfect for all water storage situations where large quantities of fresh water are needed.
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Waste Water-Non Potable Water Storage
These collapsible water bladder tanks are ideal for waste water storage, recapture/reclycling, or defensible space water storage tanks.
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